Biology Lab

    Aims at fulfilling the essence of learning of doing¯

    The school has all the laboratories to make the leaving teaching process more, effective, interesting are enjoyable designed as per the latest curriculum are based on the CBSE norms.

Biology Lab:

    The Biological Science Lab is finely equipped with natural and rare specimens which bring all living beings under one roof to make the observation and learning interesting.There is more scope to learn under the powerful microscope about the living things around us and the physiological systems within us through 3D and 2D models.Students are highy motivated to observe and learn under the guidance of facilitators who take utmost care to reveal these wonderful aspects of life.Students are well-trained to identify the specimens and develop their artistic skill in depicting them through neat diagrams.

      Salient features of the Lab:

        1.Lab is well ventilates and illuminates

        2.Lab can comfortably accommodate 35 ā€“ 40 students with comfortable working area for each.

        3.We have a well maintained and good collection preserved animal special stuffs animal specimens, plant specimens charts, models, slides, a Skelton which are arranged in well illuminates cupboard