Computer Lab

Computer Lab Infrastructure

Technology has made our lives crisp and brisk, qualitatively enhanced it in various ways and computers, as we are able aware, are the most visible benefits of technology. They can improve and aspect of life substantially. Our computer centre thus has a huge contribution in the modern studies of our students, faculty, Members and academic staff. In addition to the computing resourcefulness offered by computers in today's times, computers also connect us globally. Computers open the doors to vast virtual space full of extensive information on almost every subject. Hence, our computer centre is equipped with computer with latest configuration and internet connection with excellent speed, both being operated using the latest software.

We have two laboratories(senior and junior lab) that come under the umbrella of our computer centre and demo room and these contain a total of over 75 pentium system that are networked using the windows NT.


IT WIZARD PLUS is a product of NIIT designed to help the young, learners get friendly with computers get friendly with computers and use them in their day - to - day life. The product is based on the latest technology trends and follows a carefully-researched,task-based model that makes learning meaningful by relating every concept with the real life.

Technological content increases with each class/standard which is smoothly integrated with the school's syllabus more importantly,the technological content is demystified made child friendly challenging and rewarding experiences.