Salient Features for a better future

Education means achieving academic excellence along with over all and comprehensive development.Our goal is to play a key role in not just shaping the future of our nation but the whole world.

  • 36 years in the field of Education
  • Pioneer in CBSE Curriculum(Co-education)
  • school building in conducive atmosphere
  • Innovative Teaching-Learning process
  • Spacious classroom with close circuit cameras monitored by principal
  • Safe,healthy & barrier-free learning environment
  • Well-equipped separate laboratories for Biology,Chemistry,Physics & Computer science
  • A well-stocked library for Juniors & Seniors separately.
  • Learning opportunities to students from varied background
  • Train the students for competitive exams by eminent professionals
  • Continuous assessment & improvement
  • Special remedial classes for late bloomers
  • Playground with ultramodem facilities
  • Nurture individual talents
  • Enlightens the students in enhancing their qualities
  • A large fleet of buses for easy commuting of staff & students

    At your doorstep safe and secured

    The school has very comfortable means of transport that helps students to commute from distant and remote around vellore to their learning environment. the safe and secured transportation makes the parents at ease at nominal cost. Children are being trained to be regular and punctual to school which helps them to inculcate a discipline right from their childhood.