Library the word comes from the Latin Word "Liber" which means books. It is used because libraries traditionally were largely collections of books. Each letter in the word "Library" gives out valuable meaning and thought for us:

  • L-Means learning centre.

  • I-Information centre.

  • B-Brain storming.

  • R-Reading centre.

  • A-Attitude centre.

  • R-Reference centre.

  • Y-Means yellow pages of the world.


The first floor of the junior library opens for KG to V standard class student readers. Here books are classified according to their standard level and also their needs with entire satisfaction, many collections of children story books like such as fairy tales, table stories, and pictorial stories panchatantra stories, moral stories, etc...

For hearing and enjoying musical sound books (pop-up books, international books) also available with overall collection of 25,000 books. The second floor of the senior library open for VI std to XII class student readers to their standard level more than 56 subject titles of books available with overall collection of 8924 books and secured a lifelong source of pleasure instruction and Inspiration. The Library is open to all the members of the senior secondary school on every working day from 9.30 am to 4.30pm, Apart from that we have a library period from I standard to XII standard in their weekly class time table. For updating worldwide knowledge we have provided tri-lingual daily newspapers, periodicals, magazines for our student's readers to update and improve their knowledge by using the library.