Physics Lab

    Learning by doing is the aspiration of the young scientific minds,Concentration and precision are the requirements in the physics laboratory.The lab is well equipped which helps in hte comprehension of difficult concepts.THe guidance and encouragement provided by the teaching faculty is exemplary.THe students learns by experiments,observations and experiences that kinlde their scientific temper and try to reach the stars.

      β€œLab” are the keys to science ans its mysteries. Physics lab of our institution is fulfilled the above saying it is equipped with the essential basic instruments we are providing the students with a variety of experiments which are the basic part of understanding the subject.

    Salient Features

    1.For microscopic studies - compound microscope, dissecting, Binocular Microscope, and audio – visual Aids.

    2.Physiological studies – Sphygmomanometer clinical, and lab Thermometer, water bath, stethoscope, Blood Test Kit, and Glucose meter, and blood group kit.

    We have qualified staff who evoke analytical thinking, practical skills by illustrating the activities.