Education is a constant and life-long process.Education has main always been top priority for all parents, educators as well as children themselves.The main objective of this philanthropic management is to upgrade and uplift the student community by imparting knowledge ans wisdom.The aim not just to provide basic education but,VVNKM SCHOOL is committed to play a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming the future citizens.Education is not just 3Rs ,but 3H,HEAD-HAND-HEART co- ordination.Adapting to the changing trends in the education system,VVNKMS offers child-centered education with an endeavour to bring the "Vallals" in the forefront in nation building.VVNKMS which has started with an initial intake of merely 745 students in 1985,has more than 1500 students on its rolls today.Quality education and optimum fee structure are the nerve centres of this education.

VVNKM family is geared to meet the challenge,committed to nurture and groom the future generation through meticulous planning at all levels in various aspects with 3D-DEDICATION-DETERMINATION,DISTINCITION .Every year,Vellore N.Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Trust,President and Correspondent of the school allocate funds to award cash prizes for AISSE toppers.Our School has been upgraded as senior secondary school during the silver jubilee year(1985-2010)VNKM Trust has pioneered the education system in Vellore district within a span of 25 years and has become synonymous with quality education.Right from its inception in 1985 it has ensured the over all development of the students by integrating the growth of 3H since VVNKM SCHOOL considers education is like body building.VVNKM SCHOOL sets its own standards to excel.Education today transcends all boundaries and has become global.With an intention to provide in-depth knowledge project works are assigned to the students.Visiting dignitaries and experts in various fields render guest lectures on varied topics.The teaching faculty upholds the belief and ethics of the Trust with their exemplary 3C- COMMITMENT-COMPETENCE-CONFIDENCE.